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See this girl? yeah thats hillary scott and she is gorgeous.. but look at all the hate she is getting. really? she looks stunning and all people care about is that it looks like she has gained weight? are you guys really in any place to judge her? Hillary is normal! she is not a twig but she is not fat! She knows that she will never be a size 2 and she has accepted that and she knows not to push herself to being unhealthy. Some people arent always built like supermodels, some girls actually have a butt and hips.. they are called curves! she has a gorgeous husband and a fan base bigger than any of yall could ever wish you had. sorry that she actually eats, and doesnt puke after every meal. sorry that she is a human being! 
& society wonders why so many teen girls have a negative self image? maybe its because people like this dont know how to accept people that are above a size 3.
I would do anything to look like her. She is a beautiful woman who has an amazing talent, has a great family and friends, and has amazing strength and courage to put herself out on a stage infront of thousands every night knowing that no matter what she does she is getting judged.
once you do that, then you can judge. dont judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.
and once you are even at least half of the woman she is, then you can say something about her.. but until then keep your opinions to yourself and stop being so dumb and naive. 


Ask me my top 5 songs by _____

Lady Antebellum

1) Perfect Day

2) Stars Tonight

3) Singing Me Home

4) Lookin’ For a Good Time

5) When You Got a Good Thing

Diet & Fitness Blog #2 - 2 Weeks On!

After 2 weeks I have a achieved a loss of 3.5 lbs :D It may not sound like a lot but considering I’m not big anyway it’s a good amount! So excited, and so proud of myself! 16.5 more to go until I reach my goal weight.

It was a slow start but during the 2nd week of my diet/exercising I really put my all into it. For the first week I probably went to the gym about 3 times, but this past week I have been going every night and I feel great for doing it. Already I am noticing that I am able to do a lot more than when I started and I am able to last a lot longer too! I have found the perfect workout music too, the band Theory of a Deadman, it is extremely motivating! I have cut down my meals to one a day (usually around 5pm) but I can also have a packet of snack-a-jacks (flavoured rice crackers) if I get hungry at all during the day. I aim to do atleast 2 hours at the gym a night, but usually I keep going for longer just because I enjoy it so much. I have decided that Sunday is going to be my day off from the gym, mainly because of the bus schedule which could leave me standing around for an hour waiting for a bus if I miss one. So on Sunday’s I will do a simple workout at home (pressups, situps, squats etc.) and go for a run (weather permitting).

I am so pleased with the progress that I have made so far and it is the perfect motivation to keep going. I will try and post a blog each week from now on providing I have the time! Thank you for taking the time to read this! :) If there is anything else you would like to know then please don’t hesitate to ask!

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My New Years Resolutions 2012!

Now I know most people set out the year with good intentions, and you’re probably going to read my list and think “yeah, yeah… I’ll believe it when I see it”, but that is why I am doing this publically, so everyone can go ahead and embarrass me if I don’t stick to them!

Now normally I don’t set New Years Resolutions, mainly because I am not motivated enough to stick to them. However, the 2 times that I have set resolutions in the past (age 9 - stop biting my nails and age 15 - lose weight) I stuck to them and achieved my goals. This year I again feel this motivation and I am determined to make the following changes for the better.

I will be beginning with the ones relating to diet and exercise and then moving on to more personal interest related ones.

1) No more junk food! - This has got to be the main one for me at the moment. Ever since I spent the summer in America I have had a very unhealthy junk food addiction. It got to the point where I was consuming the large bags of Red Vines or Twizzlers (the ones with like 200 in a pack) per day! As well as this, the Summer Camp that I worked at had a thing called “Pizza Friday” where I would stuff myself silly, and on the final week I actually won the Camp Pizza Eating Cotest (which I am proud of lol but I should have left my pizza addiction over there!) But all of this was fine at the time because I was on the go constantly so I was buring it off straight away. Since being back in the UK I literally haven’t gone a day without eating chocolate, crisps and sweets, as well as taking the easy option and buying a KFC whenever I couldn’t be bothered cooking, as well as our self-titled “UFC Pizza Night” every UFC/Strikeforce/BAMMA event! Well this is no more! I refuse to eat any more junk food and the only snacks I am going to eat will be fruit, and to be perfectly honest, I much, much prefer the taste of fruit to chocolate anyway!

2) Exercise! - I literally haven’t done any exercise since the summer. It makes me sick to think how healthy I actually felt in the summer being on the go constantly all week then having the energy to have crazy days out on the weekend, doing hour long walks to the train station in up to 115 degree F heat without it phasing me - that would literally kill me if I tried it now! So yes I am now 2 days into this resolution and I have done a simple workout both days to get me started and I have whipped out the old lateral thigh trainer that was covered with dust in the corner - and I feel great for doing it. I have also picked out a gym, checked my bank balance, and decided that I am going to go in on Wednesday to sign up. I know it’s a big claim to make until I actually do it but like I said, I feel the determination once more and you can all publically humiliate me if I don’t follow through!

3) Lose weight and generally tone up! - Now I know I’m not overweight before anyone says anything, but I also know I have been in better shape than I am now! I am confortable wearing crop tops/a binkini and I know my stomach is flat, but what I want to do it tone it up and have more defined abs. Like my absolute hero Ali Fedotowsky, check her out here —-> and here —-> I’m not going to say a goal weight that I want to get to as I don’t really want to reveal my weight lol - but I want to lose 20lbs so I will be keeping you up-to-date with how this goes!

Now to the more personal interest related ones.

4) See some more of my favorite bands/singers in concert! - In 2011 I achieved so many dreams by going to see some of my favorite bands/singers in concert such as Katy Perry, Lady Antebellum, Selena Gomez, Yellowcard and Switchfoot. I have worked out that the amount of money I have been spending on junk food in an average week would actually buy me a floor ticket to see one of my heroes in concert! Now having that reality set in - which do you think I’m going to opt for?! My goal this year, providing they are actually going on tour (and coming to the UK) is to see the Dixie Chicks, Lady Antebellum, Mariah Carey, Christina Perri (already have tickets :D ), Demi Lovato, Shakira, Tim McGraw and Miley Cyrus, among other possibilities. It may sound silly but it always feels like such a huge achievement when I see someone who I truly admire performing right in front of me and I always leave every concert with moments that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I was going to include UFC/MMA events in this too but then I realised that I do actually go to all the ones that I am able to anyway.

5) Travel to a place that I have never been before but I have always wanted to go! - This is more of an ongoing one as I tend to do these things spontaneaously rather than planning them out - but by the end of the year I want to achieve this goal several times, both within the UK and outside of the UK.

6) Read atleast a chapter of a book a day! - I have always loved reading and I used to go through 2 or 3 books a week, but I can honestly say I haven’t read a book since before the summer! These past few days I have spent a few spare minutes reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and I am only 3 chapters in but I am already addicted. So when I am bored I want to start picking up a book like I used to rather than turning on the TV/spending hours on Twitter!

Well I think that about does it for the resolutions! I have actually really enjoyed writing this so I will definitely be doing frequent follow up blogs, maybe once a week, to let you know how I am getting on, plus if you’re not already following me on twitter @LoveKeepSinging then I will most likely be posting quick daily updates there too such as what exercise I have done/what I am eating so be sure to follow me if you are interested!

Any questions? Requests? Don’t hesitate to reply to this post and/or tweet me @LoveKeepSinging. But no comments about spelling mistakes/double words haha as I am too lazy to re-read this and check so I know for a fact there will be a few! Thank you for taking the time to read this - I know it was a long one! Talk to you all soon! :) ♥

Robin Sparkles ♥
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